ParanormanNorman is a normal kid – he sees and talks with people others don’t, including his grandmother who, long passed away, sits on the sofa knitting and bounces on his bed.

The Townsfolk, the kids at school call him names “weird” “freak” , They ostracise and bully and beat him.

Norman’s friend , also bullied for being different says

“you’ll never stop bullying, if you were bigger and stupider you’d do it to. its evolution – survival of the stupidest”

When Norman tell Neil 

“I want to be alone”

Neil replies

“Great let’s do it together”

Just the normal life of kid awho who is seen by others as a little bit different.

The town where Norman lives, Blithe Hollow, is besieged by zombies, which as it turns out is a bit of a tradition and good for tourism.

But more  than that townsfolk seem besieged by fear and closed mindedness.

They focus their fear and rage on Norman, form a pitchfork mob to get him, burn down the library with him in ti.

Norman is the only one in town with the courage to face his fear – and the whole town, and approach the Zombies, talk with them and listen. By now some of his friends see Norman’s courage and join him, stnd beside him.

Norman finds out that the zombies too are scared and they too didn’t choose their lot but are stuck in th esame “curse”, so Norman sets off to meet the witch who’s curse lays over the town.

And so Norman discovers that the witch too is trapped, and is really at heart the same scared little girl upon and against whom the same town turned upon a generation or few  earlier. She too has a stry to tell of being mistunderstood, being perceived as different, not heard or listened to, but turned upon in fit of fear and rage and ass covering, by a whole town..

Its not real its a movie,
Its not real movie its animation,
No, its not real – its just a very real story
…of living the life of a kid who others have condemned for being a little different from them.
-Perhaps its because they don’t understand and are too afraid of themselves or their own inability to understand to ask.

Yet all they need do is reach out a hand and listen.

No, it’s not real, but it’s everywhere.

…and all of us find ourselves in a story like this sometime, and we can choose how it ends.

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2 Responses to ParaNorman

  1. The tagline for the this movie is also amazing! I blogged about it after the first time I saw the movie posted on the subway!

    “You don’t become a hero by being normal.”


  2. What a lovable ‘anti-bullying’ and ‘inclusion’ message..
    Love this wisdom from his grandma:
    “There’s nothing wrong with being scared Norman, as long as you don’t let it change who you are”…


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