Schizophrenia – is one hundred years enough? Robin Murray

Sir Robin Murray is a Psychiatrist and one of the world’s leading researchers into what Psychiatry  has, for the last 100 years, called “schizophrenia”.

He spoke last week at the World Hearing Voices Congress, held in Cardiff [that’s the capital city of Wales – and some would say, Rugby Union].

Here’s some of what Robin Murray said, as reported by Paul Baker…

Schizophrenia – is one hundred years enough?

Robin Murray:

  • some in-patient units are horrendous
  • particularly a  problem in big cities.
  • the education of psychiatrists has to be much better’. …
  • lack of continuity of care is a problem: one individual met by the Commission had 23 psychiatrists in 3 years.
  • the term ‘schizophrenia’ is a big problem and lacks validity. ‘Psychosis’ is a better term; doesn’t suggest degeneration.
  • Data from UK 2000 National Morbidity Survey:
    • voice-hearing reported by about 9% of general population.  
  • Genetic, social, imaging research shows there’s no discreate ‘schizophrenia’ but a continuum of liability to psychosis
  • there is no ‘schizophrenic brain’ or ‘schizophrenic genome’.
  • best predictor of psychosis rates in English cities is the proportion of people who vote in a general election

Sir Robin Murray, this is all good to hear from one of the leaders of medical establishment’s biggest  research teams and we are pleased you came to the world hearing voices congress to make clear conclusions from years and years  of research .

but , this next statement does not ring true..

“I haven’t used the word schizophrenia for 10 years. It’s stigmatising, has no validity, & implies deterioration”

Sir Robin,  we like that you’re saying this: we would. though, like to point out that it looks like you haven’t updated your “official” profile for at least 10 years… since it includes the s-word at least five times, notwithstanding [oh how we like that word so much in Canada that it has a special clause in the constitution] that you are the chair of the UK Commission on S …..” and are the world’s #3 most cited scientist on S…

so, we’re a bit puzzled and ask :what gives?

…and wonder, do you realize you’re sounding  a bit difficult to understand: a bit like  like  “a voice”, in fact .    We suggest a voice dialogue might be helpful in uncovering what you’re trying to say on that.

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1 Response to Schizophrenia – is one hundred years enough? Robin Murray

  1. susan Bevis says:

    I have just read about Professor Robin Murray – so that’s where he is and he said to me there is no point in writing as he would be away. I am furious with Prof Robin Murray. He promised my daughter a drug free period of assessment and referred her to the horrific shockingly awful prison camp of a research hospital Bethlem Royal Hospital part of the so called leading world wide renowned hospital but my daughter was sent to Fitzmary II Ward National Psychosis Unit and it was like hell on earth. No sooner had my daughter arrived they offered Clozapine and when I complained and said I had a letter from Prof Murray promising a drug free period I was told “its all about Clozapine here”. I then documented the shocking care at this hospital in detail and the ward is like prison. Everything is locked, laughably there is a picture of a “sniffer dog” on the door of the ward and this dog is supposed to search for drugs – well look no further than the staff offices where they ply vulnerable patients with drug after drug after drug. Instead of reducing slowly and gradually like the wonderful Dr Ann Blake Tracy suggested they took my daugher off 150mg – as Dr Tracy quite rightly says – this causes adverse behaviour and as regards mixing Seroquel with Olanzapine she went on to say – it is like mixing pepsi with coke and they know that any adverse change in the drug can cause psychosis and this is how they keep people in their establishments. Of course this awful hospital is a research hospital and my website on the Posterous site details links to the shocking research going on at this hospital and Clozapine is the chosen drug. The reports are truly shocking “re-challenging patients with blood dyscrarias and suspected cariovascular problems with Clozapine” – I have seen their shocking presentations and this hospital uses these patients against their wishes to test their drugs. This research hospital forces the most weak and vulnerable patients to take the drugs they get funding for an Prof Murray chose to distance himself and when I wrote to him I got a one line reply to the effect of “give them a chance.” at this hospital my daughter was first put on Olanzapine which she had previously been put on and t hen Metformine and Clozapine – this is for someone who has multiple diagnoses and was promised by this professor a drug free period of assessment. She is supposed to have Schizophrenia and Aspergers . In no time my daughter was begging to come home. The grounds and facilities are OK but the ward and the “care ” of drug pushing is horrendous. They did nothing but ply the most dangerous drug of all and you should see the shocking reports I have obtained from a former patient who has set up a website on this which I have featured on my website but it can also be reached through Speak Out Against Psychiatry’s website. It was a group of ex patients that saved my daughter from any more shocking care but this got her moved miles away to Wales where she currently is at the moment but at least that is like a four star hotel and the food is nice. The NHS could not cope so they transferred her to private sector care but well away from her family and now we cannot even get her on the phone.

    I do not have a good word to say for that hospital or prof murray as he did not do as he promised and he even said he had one or two contacts and he referred my daughter to this horrific place.


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