The Stress – Hugh Mcleod

Stress is our body telling us something useful – usually : “do something!”
It’s a physiological response to the situation we find ourselves in right now and rooted in 300  million years of human evolution .
Its at the root of all chronic illnesses – including all those called “mental illness”.
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The Stress

yesterday’s cubicle grenade from Hugh McLeod’s the Gaping Void

Everyone complains of too much stress today. Blurred lines between work and home, over-programmed kids, every increasing expectations in all aspects in life.
Stress is a sign that we need to be doing something differently – it’s not necessarily bad- think of it as a message. It doesn’t mean we need to insulate ourselves, or do less. It suggests that we look at where we can make changes that counterbalance the stress, or minimizes the worst source.
I think this is why there are so many people seeking solace in more devout religion, meditation, and wellness. I think it’s healthier to think of it as motivation for making positive change.

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