Are you suffering from EDHD?

Like HUAD, EDHD most commonly afflicts doctors who call themselves Psychiatrist but limit their practise psychopharmatherapy – choosing diagnoses out out of a big book and prescribing drugs.

Usually comorbid, the two disorders may not leave the person themselves feeling ill but often lead others in their lives to suffer greatly.

Common symptons include…

  • plays golf a lot
  • delusions – often diagnosing others as deficient, disordered  “lacking insight” for simply not agreeing with opinions of pychiatrists
  • confusion – believes that a marketing strategy is the same as science
  • drives fancy car
  • lacks insight into own lack of humanity
  • divides day into 15 minute appointments
  • repeats phrases ” we need to review/adjust your meds”
  • afraid of human differences
  • writes lots of prescriptions – usually with a pen bearing name of favorite drug company

maybe you know someone like this?


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