recovery without medications

A brief clip by Daniel Mackler,  in interview with Dr Ross talking about a patient who was experiencing horrific voices .

After being able to talk with Dr Ross and explore what the experience might mean, she was able to live with it without medications – the difficulty she experienced melted away.

“I had no clue about what was going to happen, I simply told her what I felt. that gave her permission to feel  she no llonger needed that “symptom” any more.”


from Daniel Mackler’s excellent documentary: “Take These Broken Wings”.

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2 Responses to recovery without medications

  1. midori says:

    I cautiously agree but it’s not always so instant. I’ve personally witnessed my friend of 25 yrs. go from being an angry woman, diagnosed with Schizophrenia and institutionalized a number of times only to be discharged with her confusion and anger still intact if not much worse, to becoming a warm and evolved, drug free person, successful in her work and in a loving relationship. Throughout those years she had found many therapies that eventually, as Dr. Ross mentioned, helped to give her permission to feel she no longer needed those symptoms anymore.


    • Hi Midori,
      I’d suggest it is never instant. I know lots of people who’ve recovered – none instantly.
      There is certainly nothing instant in this story. nothing.
      If you watch the [whole]movie you’ll realize it took eight years before anything happened.
      perhaps the truly modern sickness is expecting instant results just like we see on tv?


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