One-moment meditation

one moment meditationThere’s a lot of stuff around about meditation

some great, some good
and some just guff –

many folks will tell you
“you gotta do this, that”
“not do this, not do that”
you gota sit like this, breathe like that,
shave your head , eat only lentils
and sit on a mountain for forty years.

well, bollocks to that.
but if you want to go ahead.

You may also have tried and found it “impossible”
again, not true.

there’s always a different way
there are as many ways to meditate as there are people who meditate
do yourself a favour, and especially if you’re starting off,
keep it simple and do it for just one minute.
“because a minute is like a moment with handles on it.”

this is Martin Boroson’s one minute way
though it takes five minutes to tell you, he’s mostly getting you in the mood
– it does include one minute when you get to have a go..

his approach also includes

  • portable minute – useful on the TTC, eh?
  • bonus minute
  • surprise minute
  • emergency minute

and if , while you’re doing it you notice you’re getting distracted,
don’t tell yourself      “you’re doing it wrong”.

everyone gets distracted – its actually the whole point:
noticing, then bringing the mind back
again, again, again
til the minute’s up.



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