HUAD – Head Up Ass Disorder

Head Up Ass Disorder

A condition which typically affects members of professional bodies and representatives of large corporations that are built on claims of dodgy science and marketing untruths.

Members of APA were found to be over represented in epidemiology studies.
Once found out,  sufferers tend to insist they have sole claim to truth about human experience, life the universe and everything,  and insist that their worldview is the only reality.

Increasingly distrustful of human beings, sufferers will dismiss any evidence contradicting their worldview as “paranoia”, disordered thinking or “chemical imbalance” and  tend toward trusting  only in the advertising literature of  big pharmaceutical companies.

Anyone who says “I’m not ill” is regarded as extremely sick and danger to society, requiring of coercion, control, and assimilation.

Sufferers typically lack any insight into their own situation  even though it is by now abundantly clear to anyone outside the profession that they have become the the stark-naked, hairy-assed emdodiment of the emperor of folklore whose clothes were also an elaborately constructed  delusion….


Medication by mouth is usually difficult to administer – for obvious reasons.
Electroshock to both buttocks is normally indicated which usually results in the head popping out after repeated applications. In unregulated trials in back alleys tasers worked well, but there is only unatributable quotes to go by.
In serious cases minor surgery may be required to prevent spontaneous cranial reentry.


There is hope – sufferers who receive assertive early intervention treatnents followed by  total personality transplant,  weekly intramuscular injections of compassion and a daily humility enema usually enter full remission  and may even  go on to make a positive contribution to society.

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  1. christinef says:

    Beautiful…:) I know so many with this disorder.


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