one of these is easy to understand

language of...

One of these is easy to understand.

The other is a delusion, a trick of the mind .

One of these is easy to understand

The other is too often a tool of oppression, used to other and dehumanise people: most of whom are already having a tough enough time.

One of these helps you understand something of what I experience.

The other is designed to help a small number of people demonstrate they know a lot when they talk to each other about people like me. 

Yet really it shows just how little they understand.

One of these is the language of an everyday normal human experience

that has been celebrated through human history and is still revered in many cultures.

The other presupposes the only explanation is that there is something wrong. 

One of these is something many of us experience every day,

– that most of us will experience at least once in our lives- and most of those who do  regard it as helpful and meaningful. They just don’t talk about it because they’re afraid of what you’ll think and do.

The other is so complicated you likely wouldn’t recognise it if you did experience it.

One of these is easier for you to share in my experience of being alive.

The other is designed to keep you separate from me.

We do get to choose the words that we use.


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2 Responses to one of these is easy to understand

  1. CalgarySandy says:

    I have absolutely no difficulty in understanding the “psychiatric language.” I suspect that the writer of the maligned quotation was writing for specialists and not for the general public. Perhaps the problem is a lack of education, an inability to think through new words or use a dictionary. I am seriously ill. I have had good doctors and bad. It does not make me feel better to see this kind of deliberate negativity against an entire profession. Indeed, this kind of thing makes me despair of ever getting help because of the lies and misdirection.


    • Hi CalgarySandy

      How very nice of you to diagnose me with a lack of education, an inability to think, and an inability to use a dictionary – and all that in one sentence. Wow.

      Nice one, much appreciated [not].

      Nevertheless, I wish you well and hope you find healers who can work with you the way you want them to, and that you find your own path that suits you without needing to impose language that suits you on everyone else.


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