Mars Project on InnerSPACE

Mars Project on InnerSPACEFilmmaker Jonathan Balazs and rapper Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart on Space Channel’s InnerSPACE talking about their film documenting Khari’s experience hearing voices.

The voiceover commentary describes how Khari “embarked on a journey for understanding through Canada’s mental health system” – where he was offered the usual orthodoxy :  he hears voices so he must have a broken brain – “in the hospital they call that ‘schizophrenic” and must be locked up and take psychiatric medications to control the voices and him.

Khari prefers a different, spiritual understanding – not dissimilar to those adopted in other cultures round the world –  even though that can present challenges in a society that seems to think there is only one way of understanding unusual human experiences.

“As I see it was chapter two of Khari: not the guy that I knew in my childhood, not the guy that’s my identical twin…. but some other person.”

“Hearing the voices I didn’t know what it was, who they were, where it was coming from,  whether it was my body or something external.
I didn’t know about hearing voices, being on disability, being in a mental facility, I didn’t know about any of that . I grew up as a normal kid. ”

As Jonathan Balazs says of Khari:

“there are people who believe far more outlandish things than this guy”

Dr Kwame McKenzie, of CAMH and  Professor of Psychiatry at UofT

schizophrenia is a number of symptoms that have been put together, to say that this is ‘an illness’ – and that’s an idea, it’s not a thing.”

Jonathan Balazs…

“this matter of  ‘you hear voices, you have to be locked up I think is kind of, a faulty proposition…what can we learn from these voices?”


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