CDCC 2013 – From Chaos To Calm: Reaching Youth

KMT CDCC Conference 2013Chaos to Calm-Reaching Youth

2013 Child Development and Community Conference

kmt cdcc pt2The 2013 Child Development & Community Conference (CDCC) is expected to address areas surrounding relationship building and attachments with children from birth through to adolescence.  This year’s conference will foster conversations around communication, conflicts, guilt, brain development, role transitioning through different developmental stages, and changes within the family dynamic while managing personal growth and self care.

Many educators, professionals and parents struggle with the idea as when to assist and where do they fit into the lives of developing children and young adults as life changes and transition; many are finding it extremely hard to cope with and maintain a balance within the family, work and home environment.

How do parents encourage independence and resilience when so many other societal factors are influencing behaviours and decisions?  How do adults assist children transition between each development stage with as much confidence and self-assurance when bulling, body-image, technology, peer influence and self identification continue to mount and impact the natural socialization of human beings that are genetically pre-determined to be, social creatures? What are the roles of parents, educators and professionals in the lives of children to young adults?

These are just some of the topics to be explored at the 2013 Child Development & Community Conference (CDCC).  Our expert speakers will share theories while encouraging discussion, narratives, role playing, and strategies throughout this three (3) day event.  Our boot camp workshop will provide attendees with as much practical and useful information that would allow attendees to apply when working and nurturing our children and young-adults.

Conference Overview:

The Child Development and Community Conference will be using these two areas to teach and inspire:

  1. Brain Development and Learning – Raising Resilient and Compassionate Kids in Times of Chaos, Loss and Change
  2. Restoring the Teenage Soul
  3. The Ten Habits of Happy Mothers: Reclaiming our Passion
    Purpose and Sanity

The Conference themes that are being highlighted this year are: Resiliency among children, Pre-Teens and Teenagers , Bullying, Self-Esteem, Parenting with Wit and Wisdom, Grief, Mental Health, and Mind-Body Connection.

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