what limits our freedom?

simonedebeauvoirNow, I don’t know if this is something that she said or wrote, nor do I know if it simply Wes Cecil reporting his idea of her ideas or his idea of  the general idea of the group known as the existentialists in a lecture about her.
What I do know is that this notion is now, for me, firmly attached in my mind with Simone De Beauvoir.

Don’t like your lack of freedom ? maybe you’re listening to stories that help others but don’t help you.
So maybe you could try telling yourself some new stories- new stories  about what you can do; new stories about what you might just be able to do.

Don’t like the limited ideas that others have about you?
Try listening to new stories – from new people who can share with you new ideas about what is possible.

Or don’t – it is your choice.

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