Don’t Wake Daniel – The Mark Inside

the mark inside


I wish I knew
Everything about you
If I did I’d hold true
And release it
As it is I’m stuck in shit
Staring in at your door frame taped in
We all change
Day to day
At least we think we do

Can’t start over again
As the blood sinks in
To the bed that you did lie in
I can’t stand the clocks
That roar with hands
Away from your separating
Another lamplight
Another day end
Harming the walls of the beating
And what it is to live is to know you’ll die
And not to stave off the end

(If you were here I’d hope you’d say)

All in all, it’s been a good time
And I’d still choose to get high
Don’t feel bad, for things I’ll never have
You don’t understand what that means
I don’t hate, I don’t bleed
Life is more than what you see
It’s who you are and what you do
And where you are pointing

released 04 July 2013

title :      Don’t Wake Daniel

band :    The Mark Inside

album :  Dark Hearts Can Radiate White Light

on bandcamp :     themarkinside

on soundcloud:    themarkinside

faceboook:            themarkinside

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