scorchio !!! – info on dealing with the heat

Ireland is ejoying a heatwave – balmy highs of 22C degrees!
as it says “WARM [for Ireland]”
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meanwhile here in Toronto, last night’s low was 26C.

Today’s high is forcast for 34C  with a feels like of 45C
and much the same for the next few days.



I don’t know about you but at about 26C my brain starts to sizzle in my skull.

  • Here’s some info from NYC Public Health about precautions to take in high heat – especially if you take antipsychotic medications [since there is a higher risk of heat illness ]

  • ..and an info poster and leaflet about deal with heat illness – heat rash, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

heat illnessposter


  • and Local info – this link takes you to publicly  accessible  cool spaces in Toronto.

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