Those things I decided not to give away – Nelson Mandela

mandela 1In the video below William Jefferson Clinton talking at the  UN on Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday last week, telling of a few things he learned and that we might all learn from Nelson Mandela.

Listen to all 12min, or go in at 6min for the passage that this is taken from.

W.J. Clinton:
“This is what I think it amounts to – Mandels’a 95 years teach us three lessons:


    •  firstly, you can’t free anybody else and you can’t serve anybody else unless first you free yourself – from bitterness, and hatred and resentment; and the paralysis  that they bring….
    • secondly, that our freedom to serve is limited when other people are not free and empowered….
    • finally, none of us need to be in public office to be of  public service….

So, first we must free ourselves, then we must free others and we must serve as a way of life, not as a route to office.
Those are the lessons that every person on earth can learn, embrace and live by.”

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  1. Beautiful. I feel so much respect for Mandela, and so much affection for Clinton.


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