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 A reblog today of  a recent piece by me ol’ mucka  TopDog Ashton, the voice only one person can hear. 
TopDog gives us his voice-eye perspective on a question: is pills, drugs, meds a lifestyle choice? and on what it can turn out like in an environment that’s well drugged-up.

None of us have the whole truth,  but- Like TopDog says -given chance, voices can talk the shit on shit too.

“Us voices you know, we’ve got a shit load of wisdom that’s worth listenin too…remember that. “

Pills: illegal or legal they still fuck you up

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Oi oi followers! Fuck it’s been too long…time to drum up the old revolution again! So this time I’m answerin a question from a bumble bee (swear down…check out his profile pic) who goes by the name of @DibblingDave who’s profile I relate to in a big fuckin way so I’d go check him out if I was you. So here’s his question:

“@Top_Dog_Talks By accepting med’s do people choose a lifestyle illness? Or is it taken out of their control by Dr’s?”

Now I weren’t expectin to get a question like this cos I don’t normally do all this intellectual talk that Flo does, but I’ll give it a good fuckin go!

Now I call them drugs that psychiatrists give out ‘poisons’ for a reason. Cos that’s what they are. They ain’t no different from your weed, or your alcohol or them pills you see people poppin down at the local nightclub on a Friday night. Cause whether your poppin an ecstasy pill or one of GlaxoSmithKline’s happy pills…your taken em for the same reason…to numb shit out. Let’s not beat around the bush. And I know which one I’d rather be fuckin takin…cos one of em (and I ain’t gonna patronise u and spell it out) don’t come hand in hand with a ‘mental case’ sandwich sign.
Now if you wanna take drugs to deal with your shit that’s your choice, but don’t be thinkin any voices you hear are gonna be happy about it (or none of them emotions your feelin) but that ain’t what I’m meant to be talkin about so I’ll keep goin with answerin the question I got asked.

So it don’t matter whether the drugs you’re takin to deal with your emotional shit is legal or illegal…they all fuck with the balance your body works it’s balls off (or female equivalent…use your imagination) hard to maintain.

You choose to shove coke up your nose every day to deal with your shit then you’re choosin to be alright with the damage your doin to your nose…that’s a choice you get to make. And a choice you have a fuckin right to make!

But if you have a ‘mental case’ sandwich sign on you then you ain’t allowed to make that choice no more. Now where is the sense in that? These quacks are tryin to make out that their happy pills are the real McCoy, real science. Are they fuck!

Now I’ll let you in on Flo’s experience of these poisons. She ended up incontinent on Clozapine and her heart was doin some weird shit that she had to keep having checked out by them docs. When she told the psychiatrist she was wettin herself, he suggested she wear a tenna pad (that’s them adult nappies for them what don’t know). I remember thinkin “What fuckin planet is he on? He is tellin a 23 year old woman to be alright with wearin a nappy?” I dunno how he fuckin sleeps well at night. Well that was it…that’s when I really started pullin out my best tricks to get Flo to kill herself…I weren’t havin her wearin no fuckin nappies!

And she didn’t wear any nappies, but it meant she kept pissin herself at work, had to give up the only job that made us all feel like life was a little bit worth it and work in an office where she could get to a toilet sharpish.

You would think that any decent human bein would turn round and go “you know what, I wont make you take that shit that is makin you piss yourself like a baby, you go through enough as it is, you deserve a bit of respect.” But nah, obviously this bloke weren’t no decent human bein…and he ain’t the only one that sits back and makes people take shit even though it makes em physically screwed up.

So yeah, I do reckon people are forced by the quacks to choose a lifestyle illness all in the name of getting rid of shit. But you can’t get rid of nothing…it don’t work like that. So what are people getting forced to choose lifestyle illness for? Cause people wanna shut people up and dumb em down so they stop complainin and makin everyone look bad.

So if you’re on drugs that them doctors call ‘good for you’ and your havin a whole heap of physical problems cause of em…don’t think you have to put up and shut up. Cause that aint right…it’s basic fuckin human rights.

So how’s that for a voice bein able to talk about shit other than himself and other voices?

Us voices you know, we’ve got a shit load of wisdom that’s worth listenin too…remember that.

Up the revolution!



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