Score more goals ! Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie is one of the world’s best and most successful footballers – sure it took more than  his thirty goals to win the English Premiership last season but his team would have won nutt’n  more than a participant’s ribbon without them.

Check his goal from last night.

The commentator rocks it too.


A few days ago,  Robin shared  that, just like hundreds of millions of other people, he hears voices in his head: in his case the voices tell him he needs to score more goals [ thirty is  never enough, eh? ] that he needs to do better;  and that he needs to do better for his team, and especially in Europe where his team did not too well.

Now, you may not yourself hear voices but you likely do have some kind of  experience of similarly nagging thoughts or feelings. We think  you can likely imagine how his experience  might be and you can get how it makes sense, right?

Robin van Persie is non too shabby – the voices Robin hears want him to do even better, we think that he likely they mirror what he thinks and that he wants to do better  too.

And we think he just might.

Nice one Robin van Persie –  we thank you for sharing your experience with the world.

Now the important stuff : shame we didn’t get to see play alongside  Mesut Özil but go score a shedload with Rooney – just not against The Gooners, ok?

from The Mirror:

Robin Van Persie reveals he hears voices in his head

14 Sep 2013 23:00

The voices in RVP’s head are telling him that he needs to score more goals, apparently 30 isn’t quite enough!

I hear red people: The voices in RVP's head are Man Utd supporters, and they want more goals
I hear red people: The voices in RVP’s head are Man Utd supporters, and they want more goals
Tom Purslow

Robin Van Persie has revealed he was tormented all summer by voices in his head – telling him he should have achieved MORE, writes Steve Goodman of the Sunday People.

The Holland striker hit 30 goals in his debut Manchester United season as Alex Ferguson’s side reclaimed the Premier League title. But RVP, on the mark against Crystal Palace this weekend, said his close-season attempts to relax were scuppered by feelings of guilt over United’s Champions League shortcomings.

“I kept on hearing a little voice in the back of my head throughout the summer,” Van Persie admitted. “It told me that I should have put in even more effort. It was a good season, both for Manchester United and myself, but we could have gone further in the Champions League.

“I was able to enjoy our success and I took the time to let it sink in.

“But the voice in my head kept on talking to me.”

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