consciousness really digs everything – Jack Kerouac

consciousness really digs everything

The human experience can be wonderful, wacky, weird and downright frightening and overwhelming.

Choosing a stance that we can learn how to live with whatever the universe might find toss way through,  takes endless small acts of courage – but it does offer in-return endless, moment-by-moment opportunities for powerful learning and growth.

Learning to accept and approach each moment’s opportunity as one more in which to learn to be: a little more mindful of how I direct attention; a little more able to sit with discomfort;  a little more able to choose my response;   and also a little more patient with my rate of progress is a hard choice.

Yet, if we chose it, we might notice it happening and we might also notice how we are becoming a little more aware of our own unique experience and a little more aware of our own expanding consciousness of what it means to be alive.

It’s certainly not easy and it takes great patience, but it sure beats the hell out of living every moment in fear of ourselves and what we might experience.

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2 Responses to consciousness really digs everything – Jack Kerouac

  1. Danny says:

    Is this an actusl quote from jack Kerouac writing. Please confirm and ref. thanks!!


    • Hi Danny, this is what I do have. I have tried to figure if the phrase in quotes is Kerouac’s words or merely an an inference, its not clear. What I didn’t want to do is not give credit. For me it expresses the very of essence of Kerouac’ writings.

      What is being negotiated is the relationship between fiction and truth, where truth is understood by Kerouac to mean, “the way consciousness really digs everything that happens.”
      ~ Fast This Time, Howard Cunnell, in the introduction to On the Road: the Original Scroll, Jack Kerouac, 2007, Viking, pg. 5


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