sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken…

sticking feathers
Most folks, if they were to stick feathers up their butt would not look like a chicken, except in the minor regard that chickens do tend to look a little ridiculous.

Likewise, when organizations stick feathers up their butt – and what I mean is when they put on a coat of feathers and spout  claims to be  “recovery oriented” and, or “working in an anti-oppression framework” – this act does not in fact make them any more “recovery oriented” than they would be chickens if they were to stick feathers up their butt.

Recovery washing is as prevalent as green washing. Organisations spout the fine-sounding words in their published documents, so covering themselves in a film-thin wash of recovery words but fail to act differently – since they are so often addicted to people becoming dependent on them and their services.

Do you, your colleagues and the organization you work for have the balls to ask yourselves:

Are we truly supporting recovery or are we merely sticking feathers up our butts?

If you don’t know the answer then  you can be sure that everyone else can see you shake your “tail” feathers.

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4 Responses to sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken…

  1. dave umbongo says:

    what does “appropriate” even mean?

    what works for the person works
    and “works” depends on what you want it to do…

    “treatment” too often mostly sucks for the person receiving the treat
    -even when it “works” for others

    learning to find our confidence in our own ability to be informed and make our own decision as to what works for us
    -that’s what works…


  2. Kathy Powers says:

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    I don’t stick anything up my butt. Treatment works, recovery is possible.


    • Hi Kathy
      Thanks for sharing, glad you like.
      To assert that “treatmnent works” is simplistic and needs to be clarified.

      Some that which is called “treatment” by those administering it is called “torture” by UN’s Special Rapporteur.

      What I’d say is something like this…

      SOME treatment works-SOMEWHAT, for SOME people, and for SOME time.
      Nothing works for everyone.
      and we don’t know what works for us personally until we try it.

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    • Kathy Powers says:

      “Appropriate” treatment works?


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