fear is the worst of it …

Fear is real.
Just like voices.
And, uncannily,  voices often represent or speak-to a person’s deepest, unspoken, unspeakable fears.

Fear is visceral- palpable – you can feel it – in your chest, your heart thumping, heightened state of awareness, alertness. You can likely smell it too.

There is nothing more real.

Fear is a basic emotion.
Emotions evoke motion – e-mote- they drive us to act.

In the case of fear it drives us to take action to be / stay safe.

fear speaks, but it has only one thing to say, only one thing it can say:
but many ways to say it.


Figuring out the basis of what’s going on – what is giving rise to the threat – can help us figure out what options we have for action…

Fear is real crappy when we are unable to act.

Being unable to act to move ourselves toward safety when we are in a situation that threatens our safety is one of the essential ingredients of becoming traumatised by our experiences.

True, fears are about what has yet to happen – there is still time to act.

To be gripped by fear is to be stuck in inaction – or at least ineffective action.

We might be fixed stuck on thinking there is only one possible cause of action that can release us.

There are always many ways we can choose to act but they can be difficult to figure if we’re in a fearful state since our thinking brain is shut down by fight-flight-freeze response.

Sometimes fears are misplaced, misinformed, misdirected, mis-whatevered but there are ways we can check things out and find others help us do that.



you kick that bastard

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