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fouseyTUBE‘s bullying experiment…

Q. how do people respond when they witness one person  bullying another?

“So I feel like the big issue with today’s generation is bullying: why does bullying continue and why doesn’t anybody put a stop to it?
“So I thought lets put a crime and let it happen right in front of peoples’ faces and see what happens.

Because of course, change starts with the people, right?”

the bullying experiment

How do you respond when you witness bullying?
because change starts with you, right?



by fousey TUBE
Published on Dec 1, 2013

Why is bullying such an on going issue in society today? It’s the people who start it but is it not the people who have the capacity to put a stop to it? By watching an act of bullying with the thought of, “i was going to step in if it kept going.” you may be too late. This video opened up my eyes in ways no video has done before. Hope it promotes positive change. If you’d like, subscribe for more videos and share this video to help support the campaign and message.

The Kid getting Bullied:…


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5 Responses to the bullying experiment – fouseyTUBE

  1. Jen Wagstaff says:

    Reblogged this on Type B Negative and commented:
    This needs to be shared. This is what social media should do, examine social behaviour, then I might consider joining the ‘facecrap’.


  2. Loreen Lee says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your clarification to my query regarding the possibility that the ‘bully’ in this case was attempting to validate his rights, (or something), or that the person bullied may not have been ‘totally innocent’. Your answer: that bullying can be a form of power control either in the quest for power, or from a position of authority in which there is abuse of power. So even in a situation where you feel and indeed are completely powerless, it is important to remember perhaps a quote by Nietzsche: (I paraphrase). Be careful when you are fighting the monsters lest you too become a monster. !!!!!


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