kiss my flat plastic butt, reality! Homer Simpson

kiss my flat plastic butt realityFrom: The Simpsons, Episode 550 – Brick Like MeIn which Homer has trouble distinguishing between his dream of living in little Springfield made of Lego- a world where everything fits and nothing hurts, and the “real” Simpsons Springfield. The two worlds are merged and Homer has some fun, a few sacred assumptions are shown for what they are  – “our religion is not true” and Homer realises fantasy ain’t all fun – even Moe’s beer is made of bricks – and  retreats from his retreat having gained a few insights about living in the “real” world.

simpsons episode 550It takes a cartoon and toy bricks to show us what science struggles to understand and language can only attempt to describe – there is no clean line distinguishing between “reality” and “not reality” – because it is all real.


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