Thought creates reality then it says…

thought creates reality then says I didn't do it

Physicist and philosopher David Bohm was interested in understanding the nature of reality in general and of consciousness and thought in particular – not as separate from but as being of a coherent, dynamic whole – not static, never complete but in an unending process of continuous enfoldment and unfolding …

Here he focuses on one of the ways that thought can trick and traps us.
If we can learn to be aware of this then maybe we’ll get tricked and trapped less often…

“Difference exists because thought develops like a stream that happens to go one way here and another way there. Once it develops it produces real physical results that people are looking at, but they don’t see where these results are coming from – that’s one of the basic features of fragmentation.

When they have produced these divisions they see that real things have happened, so they’ll start with these real things as if they just suddenly got there by themselves, or evolved in nature by themselves.

That’s [a] mistake that thought makes. It produces a result, and then it says, I didn’t do it; it’s there by itself, and I must correct it.

But if thought is constantly making this result and then saying, ‘I’ve got to stop it’, this is absurd. Because thought is caught up in this absurdity, it is producing all sorts of negative consequences, then treating them as independent and saying, I must stop them.”

D. Bohm & Mark Edwards, _Changing Consciousness

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  1. maieliiv says:

    Good one. David Bohm apparently had bouts of depression. He was treated to ECT in 1991 and subsequently had a heart attack and then another heart attack in 1992 – and then he died. Heart rhythm problems do occur during and post ECT and so do heart attacks – heart attacks a little later when those who administer ECT can say they is/was no link. Sorry – a very wonderful young woman died of a heart attack post ECT. I always wondered about Bohm.

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