the power of networks

power of networks brian d foyWe like networks.

In a network no one of us gets to be in charge of the rest of us. No one of us gives ourselves the job of telling the rest what to do and how to do it.

Networks mimic nature instead of  trying to pose some simplistic set of rules made up by those with more power to keep those with less power in their place.

A hierarchy can look beautiful if you’re standing at the top looking down – but it sucks when viewed from pretty much  any other position.

A network can look messy from pretty much any position but we can learn to appreciate the beauty in that.  Rather than attempt to force a whole network to conform to out idea we can simply create our own smaller part o the larger whole – local network meeting local needs in local ways: always learning from others and willing to share but never expecting the rest to fall inline.

The essence for networks is that they provide and hold open many ideas, offer many possibilities, embrace and create many and varied ways.

Networks do not fear and seek to control but, instead, celebrate and thrive on diversity.

And learning to live with diversity is a pretty good reason to live.

Manuel Lima on The Power Of Networks at RSAnimate


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