Zero F*cks What People Think

How do we make space in a crazy world so we can be who we can be?

Zero F*cks to what [those] people think.

casey Q+AQ & A With Casey Neistat

Q. How do you not give a shit about what anyone thinks and just do your own thing?

A. That’s a two-part answer to a two-part question…

The first part:

How do you just do your own thing?

In life you can do your own thing and stand out – or you can do what you’re “supposed” to do, do like everyone else does: you can fit in.

There’s nothing wrong with fitting in, but, you’re fitting in to cultural or societal norms that were created by other people.
Now, in some cases these norms are great but in others they don’t make sense: these norms, these rules were created by someone just like you or just like me. I don’t know who created these norms- chances ar e they weren’t anyone smarter than you or me.
if I’m not a fan of the way things are then I can just do my own thing: because I trust myself and I trust my perspective more so than that of other people.

Part 2.

How can you not give a shit about what people think of you?

I should definitely should preface this by saying I definitely got made fun of a lot when I was in school for the way I look. And all of those bullies that picked on me are all losers now. So Never Forget That.

People who judge others, especially people who judge others based on things like looks; on whether you’re black or white; whether you’re Jewish or Muslim; whether you’re gay or straight; becuse of body type; whether you have pimples; or whether you have a big butt…

These judgmental people, there opinions don’t matter because they don’t matter.
Judgmental people are of a lower moral authority than those who don’t judge.

casey 3And we, people who don’t judge,

we have a responsibility to CRUSH those mean, judgmental BULLIES.

casey 5.


…and we do that with an overwhelming positivity

…and we do that with our extreme open mindedness.




And when you strive for those values, you really stop caring what other people think.

The segment above starts at 4m43s.

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