The Unnamable – Samuel Becket

Awareness of our is inner voice is basic awareness – consciousness 101.

Many who call themselves  “scientist” claim to be “expert” yet the truth is that they know very little despite their repeated claims and the billions they spend on fancy high-tech  toys with which they bamboozle themselves – and us – with their neuroporn.

Science can be helpful and revealing but, sadly, not all that is done in the name of science is worthy of that name and is instead nought but a flimsy a veil weaved and waved to serve those who would put themselves in the position of deciding for the rest of us what must be accepted as true, or at least the best version we can come up with for now.

It  is often the arts, not the sciences, that offers us greater insight into what it means to be alive and to be human.

It is certainly true  of Samuel Beckett that he understood a great deal more about incessant inner dialogue than any psychiatrist could ever pretend.
He practically made it his life work to find ways to explore and express it – and he won a Nobel prize.

Here’s an extract from The Unnamable, third in his Molloy trilogy regarded as one of the great masterpieces of 20th century writing.

And you don’t need a $20 million fund  to buy fancy hi-tech facility to peer into brains – $20 will buy a copy of all three books.

the unnamable - Samuel Beckett









This brief reading includes the passage above and is  set to animation .

“Based on the novel of the same name by Samuel Beckett. This film animates body parts, chess pieces and mechnical motifs as life’s conveyor belt threatens to grind to a halt, but never does.
Contact for further information.”

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