beating me with that strop taught me something… Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski, with typically frank and brutal honesty on where he found his writing chops …

This clip is taken from the documentary Born Into This…

bukowskiHave you ever been beaten with a razor strop
three times a week
from the age of six
until eleven?
you know how many beatings that is?

So, you see this was very good literary training for me.
beating me with that strop
taught me something…

…how to type.

bukowski iithe connection is…
when you’ve had the shit kicked out of you
for long enough,
and long enough,
and long enough,
you have a tendency to say what you really mean.

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4 Responses to beating me with that strop taught me something… Charles Bukowski

  1. Loreen Lorna Lee says:

    Hi Kevin. We are not on opposites sides of the table here. I was just pointing out the ‘contradiction’. !!!!


  2. Loreen Lorna Lee says:

    My father was a great teacher. He taught me the meaning of pain. Pain without reason.

    Conclusion: T^here is no reason for pain? There is no meaning in pain?


    • Hi Loreen
      Is that what he’s saying? – or is he saying that the pain he experienced from all those beatings had no reason…

      reason or none, he turned it into something…

      it’s where his writing comes from…

      does everything have to have a reason? indeed does anything have a reason?
      and what is reason but whatever we decide it to be?


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