psychiatry – disabled by fear of the voices others hear ?

i hate it when the voices go silentDoes Psychiatry fears the voices it cannot hear?

What might they be saying, maybe they are talking about how psychiatry clearly has a case of Norfolk & Clue and clearly has only one coping mechanism – making us as dependent on drugs as they are.

Having no clue it seeks to impose its own fear-based doctrine upon the western world – making society fear voices that others hear.

It is  time to let go that fear and time to give up the dependence on [everyone else] taking drugs so psychiatry can live in less fear and get back to the task by which it names itself – healing souls.

Fear Doctrine

This is the typical mode of a dictatorial regime, a narrow-minded oppressor, so no wonder it flourishes so well under neo-conservative regimes whose chief approach is to continually foster a climate of fear of minority groups in order to bring in policies to manage the threats they hype up.

Psychosis is  a state of being and like any other it passes, another will be along. Yes, it can be distressing – since life can be distressing- but maybe a big part of that distress comes from us teaching everyone to be so afraid.

What if, instead,  we taught people in services how to work with people experiencing difficult states, overwhelming emotions and experiences?
Even better, what if we could  learn how to help people learn how to better handle difficult states themselves, without such need for services?

We have built a system that thrives on fear and dependence and that paralyses everyone who come into contact with it.

Psych experts have reduced the meaning of life to pills, pills, more pills.
Psychiatric services nave gotten themselves truly stuck, living in fear of the voices that others might hear, and not just voices but most of the range of difficult experiences humans can have that fall outside their narrow interpretation of what is “normal” and this when, really, normal was only ever a mathematical construct and never “real” thing in the real world.

Most of all, psychiatry is stuck head-down, ass-up  in its own reality tunnel that depicts us all as broken and dangerous and needing them to fix us.

Well, that version of reality is  total bollocks.

Does psychiatry  have a learning disability? Is psychiatry afraid? does psychiatry have a drug obsession? or does it simply, and willfully,  choose not to understand the complex nature and infinite variety of human experience ?

Either way, psychiatry has painted itself into a corner, left itself as perhaps the least well-placed of all disciplines to help us understand and support people in crisis.

When is a profession not worthy of the name it gives itself?

Its clearly worth asking if a profession has any right to call itself one when it so often relies on forms of coercion that in other arenas would be called “torture” [and have been so named by UN’s  Special Rapporteur] and so readily relies upon using all the instruments of state to force upon people to accept their “treatment”.

The word “psychiatry” means “soul-healing”.

If that’s soul healing then I’m a chip butty.


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  1. Loreen Lee says:

    Am definitely sending this one to Rem (google Remington Nevin) – my son, who I hope is going to be more and more ‘on our side’!!! (Hope he reads this guys!)


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