the hardest thing…

thehardestthing2Hearing voices is a common human experience.

Research often shows that 30-40% , and even more, of people who do not qualify for a diagnosis report they have had experiences we call “psychosis” e.g. hear voices, other sounds, see things , feel things, think things  others don’t –  at least sometimes.
Especially around stressful times like loss of a loved one, the majority of us might hear, see or otherwise sense the presence of a deceased loved one.

Others who have endured adverse experiences can hear voices repeating the words of those who have oppressed them.

Even just being endlessly told you’re not good enough might leave you hearing voices repeating the same refrain.

If you were subject to torture, confinement, too little sleep and being yelled then, when you’re tired sressed or overwhelmed you might find your inner world getting very strange too.

It really is not hard to understand.

It is also not hard to understand that it can make life even more difficult for some who is left isolated by their experience because those around them have been trained to fear  for their safety.

The hardest thing that people who hear voices have to deal with
is the way they get treated
…by people who don’t.

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