the voices are real

For any one who is in doubt.
For anyone who has the hubris to think that they get to decide
what is real for someone else.
For anyone who thinks that they know best.

And for anyone who doesn’t understand but wants to – the voices are as real as anything that you experience and call real.

For anyone who hears voices and has struggled to have others understand – and in doing so only found themselves denied opportunity to speak their truth, or worse.

It is very, very simple.
The voices are real.

The important question is not:
Where do the voices come from ?
and especially not:  where do all voices come from?

Nor is it:
How do I make them go away?
and who can help me make them go away?

It is more useful to ask:

What might it mean f0r me?

What meaning might I make?

And, if I find myself struggling it might be useful to ask:
How can I begin to change my life?

And who can help me with that?

say it loud….
the voices are real neon flashing

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