Learning to learn – what we know from skateboarding

Dr Tae and his physics of skateboarding on the true nature of learning anything important, like how to pull a 360 flip to manual.

Dr Tae shares what a learning experience in skateboarding is all about – and how so very different that is from those experiences we have in institutions of learning.

Dr Tae Summarises what we can learn from learning in skateboarding [and physics]:

  • Failure is normal – failure is expected
  • Nobody knows ahead of time how long it takes anyone to learn anything.
  • Work your ass off till you figure it out.
  • There is no cheating – when learning is the goal and you get real time feedback you don’t need a teacher- you get to decide if having one is good thing.
  • There are no grades – skateboarding is not brought to you by the letter A. When learning is teh goal an deth reward is learning there is no need to cheat – it’s not possible to cheat.

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