Ooo! Canada! You gone done it…

Congratulations Canada for not voting for another four more years of fear based politics..

NO to four more years of the politics of fear and bullets and bombs;

NO to four more years of imprisoning folks for what someone, somewhere fears they might, one day, do;

NO to four more years of steadily eroding the rights of people;

NO to four more years of dismissing and papering over aboriginal and indigenous people’s concerns whilst ignoring and stipping away their rights and poisoning the land;

NO to four more years of of criminalising difference.

NO to four more years of the politics of hate and fear and privilege – and funneling yet more cash from those who have little enough towards those who already have more than enough.

Here’s to those who voted for a future of more hope, good hair and the possibility that we can chill in ways of our own choosing without getting a criminal record.

Oooo! Canada you gone done it.
Now the real work begins, eh?

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4 Responses to Ooo! Canada! You gone done it…

  1. Laura R says:

    I woke up today to a new day, a new beginning for our country and really appreciated reading your Congratulations Canada message….you`ve said it all!

    Yes the real work begins… towards our government being there for ALL of our people and bringing hope.

    Vote That Fucker Out…. very cool and powerful!


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