We are deep down inside you. Mr Robot

mr robot1

From S1E10 of Mr Robot.

Elliot is a nervy Tech for a computer security firm by day and vigilante hacker by night. He has trouble talking with people but he gets to know people by hacking into their online life – if you do wrong by his friends, he’ll find and share all your secrets – and he’ll maybe need a little something from you – like your dog.

He becomes entwined in complex web of crooks, corporate crooks, drug dealers, a prison break, and with a small bunch of outsiders changes the world by bringing down the perfectly named and worlds biggest ever and most appropriately-named conglomerate “Evilcorp” and  also wipes clean of debt the entire world financial system.

Meanwhile, as Elliot quits his habit of using morphine to sooth his pain the boundaries between inner life,  outer life and online life get curiouser and curiouser, unfolding and enfolding as he slowly realises  who he is – and just what part Christian Slater plays in that.

If you liked Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, and Bird Man and V For Vendetta then you might like Mr Robot.

Heck, it’s the first TV show/Movie we seen that managed to make watching people typing code at a keyboard look. like, not completely boring.




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