Three hundred million people hear voices on a regular basis

Think hearing voices is unusual and only limited to a few people with broken brains?
Think again

Research shows that 4% to 15% of all of us – the “general population”- hear voices on a regular basis, and that most of those are fine and never have need to call upon psychiatric services.

Y1452087_409227492538391_1547268949_nes some people -the minority- do struggle but how much of that is due to fear and isolation generated the myths and stories we tell and perpetrate in the media about what it must mean about a person if they do hear voices?

It’s high time we started telling each other different stories about what it means to hear voices.

Many people who hear voices regard it as enriching their experience of being in the world.

People who do struggle with voices are some of the most resilient and remarkable people you will likely ever meet. and research shows that there is a very high likelihood that they experienced adverse and distressing experiences in their early years and have struggled in live since as a result.

Rather than regarding people who hear voices as strange, scary, weird, it might be more useful ask how come you don’t?

300,000,000Even taking the low end of the range 4% – that’s three hundred million people.

That’s a lot of people to treat like crap just because we are different.

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