Compassion for Voices

A Short video illustrating an approach to understanding voices

Stuart is unsettled by  the voices he hears giving him conflicting messages.

He learns to interpret and recognise these voices as speaking to different drives within him -like Drive, Soothe, Treat.

One voice speaks to his threat system, alerting him to possible danger, His drive system comes on line and another chips in – combined they make ordinary situations difficult for him to experience.

Stuart starts therapy sessions designed to help him feel compassion for himself, his drives, the voices, and to work with is body, learning to sooth and make small  changes.
You may recognise a couple of the voices in the video.

Hearing Voices is a common human experience. 
It can often be linked to something difficult or painful that’s happened in the past -or happening now.

Although tricky at times, with lots of practice, we can learn to change our experiences…

About recoverynetwork:Toronto

We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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