The Politics of Memory

This work by Pat Deegan deserves a much bigger audience.

It institutions and services meant what they say about peer work then it would be regarded as necessary viewing  for all those who work in mental health services, especially those who work in “peer support”; and even more especially those who manage or work alongside peers workers and they they’re just to do what you don’t have time for, or that its about peers joining th eranks of agents of compliance, in the persuading and coercing of patients, clients or whatever you call them to be “good patients”.

It’s not easy watching.

If you didn’t know, if you’ve forgotten, here’s a background told without compromise of why we need people who bring their experience not of “living with mental health issues” but of dealing with being on the receiving end of treatment and services – to the delivery of  services.

And a history of how we got to where we are…

Also for any one consumed by the notion its all about The What? and The How? of peer work, an important reminder of the most salient important question to address:
The Why ?

The Politics of Memory – Pat Deegan

1.Why a Politics of Memory…

2.Voices of Those Oppressed

3. Aktion T4 and The Mass Murder of people with Disabilities

4. Untold Stories

5. Organized Resistance




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