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There is Hope: evidence base

Concrete proof of Hope . Continue reading

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on Assholism

Everyone has the right to behave like an asshole – very occasionally it even turns out to have been a smart move. Continue reading

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Humans are funny lot, obsessing over some thing they call ‘control’ – but its a weird word, like humans can control anything… like as if any thing controls any other thing… “Control is about as real as a one-legged unicorn … Continue reading

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Spirit of Keith Moon – Peter and The Test Tube Babies

Well a voice spoke to me but it weren’t my own, someone was coming thru’ on the psychic telephone. He said “Hi Arsehole” I’m coming thru’, Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Spirit Of Keith Moon As I stood … Continue reading

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Hear My Voice

Hear My Voice  Hear my voice is a group is for those who embrace the voices they hear and want a space where the voices can speak for themselves in their own voice and to dialogue with other voices. If … Continue reading

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Litany Against Fear – Cristian Scott

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May The Fourth Be With You

Yoda:        “Always with you: ‘It cannot be done!’  “Hear you nothing that I say?” Words like: “I can’t “ “It’ll never work” These are mighty powerful ways to make anything we try even harder, less likely to … Continue reading

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Pump Up The Jam – Technotronic

Pump up the jam, pump it Pump it up, yo, pump it Note: for some reason the video will not embed- will try later- you can watch n hear it here. Pump Up The Jam Lyrics  Pump up the … Continue reading

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Environmental failure-oppression: the cause of “psychopathology”

Short version:
Shit is f#cked!
It gonna make you ill. Continue reading

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many ways to meditate…

There are many ways to some kind of meditative practice; mindfulness; paying attention -on purpose; or whatever – even more than there are names for it . It doesn’t have to be about “still the mind” – Indeed not much … Continue reading

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