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Empire State Human – Human League

With concentration My size increased And now I’m fourteen stories high At least!!       Empire State Human Since I was very young I realized I never wanted to be human size So I avoid the crowds and traffic … Continue reading

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Joanne [Where do you think you’re going? ]

  Take my hand, stay Joanne Heaven’s not Ready for you Every part Of my aching heart Needs you more Than the angels do Girl Where do you think you’re goin’? Where do you think you’re goin’? Goin’, girl? Girl … Continue reading

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Voices don’t just come from human bodies…

Voices don’t just come from human bodies. What voice says that voices can only come from a human body? The universe has many voices. Some do involve humans. A cellist has a unique way of playing, the sound, the phrasing, … Continue reading

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If I hear a voice you don’t hear…

If I hear a voice you don’t hear then how come the default understanding is that there is something wrong with me?
When it seems to me you might be limiting your own ability to hear. Continue reading

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Yes with more butt… Continue reading

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What if we could…

What if we could interpret the voices a person might hear that only they hear – and especially those most difficult to hear – as if they were part of some kind of ‘map’, or ‘collage’, or ‘mash-up’ or even a mirror of their life experiences?
You can. So, what’s holding you back? Continue reading

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Make America Great Again – Pussy Riot

Let other people in
Listen to your women
Stop killing black children
Make America Great Again Continue reading

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Resistance is NOT futile: arguing about what’s “real” is…

Resistance is NOT futile it’s necessary. Resistance is not futile arguing about what’s “real” is…

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Whatever your voices are, only you can decide.

“Hearing voices” – and hearing voices that others don’t- is not just describing a wide range of human experiences that has been mystified and made taboo but which is remarkably common. In fact, hearing voices regularly is about as common … Continue reading

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I am what I am – Gloria Gaynor

I am what I am And what I am needs no excuses       I Am What I Am I am what I am I don’t want praise, I don’t want pity I bang my own drum Some think … Continue reading

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