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“Consensus reality” is Major Major reality reality…

‘Experiences that fall outside of “consensus reality”…’ Tis an odd thing to say, eh? There is no such thing as “consesus reality”. For sure, when it comes to “mental health” there is no consensus -anywhere. Maybe that’s a good thing. … Continue reading

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How some humans listen…

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Bodies with voices, and voices without bodies

It is not the case that some people with bodies are “voice hearers” and some are “not-voice hearers” . The categorization is false –  #fake, made up. Are you an “air breather” or a not-air breather? Its similar. Everyone can … Continue reading

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She’s Got a Friend Called Katie – The Indiana Drones


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The Plague – The Indiana Drones

I know it’s cool to be fucked up and so in style to be insane…                

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The Spoils – Massive Attack Ft. Hope Sandoval

I got that feeling, that bad feeling that you don’t know I don’t even know her but I hope that she comforts you tonight Nobody here that keeps you in the shade and ever owned you Some sentimental tears or … Continue reading

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Voices Inside My Head -Ambersunshowers


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all the shit that happens after the-shit-that-happened

Whether a person is left traumatized has less to do with the-shit-that-happened than it has to do with all the shit that happens after the-shit-that-happened. Werd.

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One effect in common…

Psychiatric drugs, it seems, have one effect in common: Rendering the people in our life incapable of any response other than asking : Have you taken your meds?  

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Empire State Human – Human League

With concentration My size increased And now I’m fourteen stories high At least!!       Empire State Human Since I was very young I realized I never wanted to be human size So I avoid the crowds and traffic … Continue reading

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