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Whenever… we take it upon ourselves to decide for another what they need we take away their power to decide for themselves. We reduce the space in which they can be human. We reduce the space in which they can … Continue reading

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Boxing Kitty…

Boxing Kitty says…

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forced to sin – Emanuel Jal

My dreams are like torments My every moment Voices in my brain of friends that were slain… ..telling me keep going, dont give up        

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Tower of Song – Leonard Cohen

I said to Hank Williams: how lonely does it get? Hank Williams hasn’t answered yetBut I hear him coughing all night longA hundred floors above meIn the tower of song Tower of Song. Well my friends are gone and my hair … Continue reading

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“Consensus reality” is Major Major reality reality…

‘Experiences that fall outside of “consensus reality”…’ Tis an odd thing to say, eh? There is no such thing as “consesus reality”. For sure, when it comes to “mental health” there is no consensus -anywhere. Maybe that’s a good thing. … Continue reading

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How some humans listen…

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Bodies with voices, and voices without bodies

It is not the case that some people with bodies are “voice hearers” and some are “not-voice hearers” . The categorization is false –  #fake, made up. Are you an “air breather” or a not-air breather? Its similar. Everyone can … Continue reading

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She’s Got a Friend Called Katie – The Indiana Drones


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The Plague – The Indiana Drones

I know it’s cool to be fucked up and so in style to be insane…                

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The Spoils – Massive Attack Ft. Hope Sandoval

I got that feeling, that bad feeling that you don’t know I don’t even know her but I hope that she comforts you tonight Nobody here that keeps you in the shade and ever owned you Some sentimental tears or … Continue reading

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