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The Immutable Law of Interminable Bollocks

There’s a lorra lorra  bollocks in this world, and sure is a lot of bollocks in mental health world. From another world that too has a lorra lorra bollocks – football – here’s a wee bit of inter-cross-diciplinary sharing and … Continue reading

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Spot The Difference: Sewage and Mental Health

The shared language of two worlds: treating shit from people and treating people like shit people.
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da da da

Dr D words… Continue reading

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SBAD Innit?

That olde trope given new diagnostic legitimacy by the same process as any other psychiatric  diagnosis – we just made some shit up. Before you give yourself a psychiatric diagnosis, check first that you are not just surrounded by assholes … Continue reading

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One-in-three people suffer paranoia induced by researchers with clipboards on subway

                From our Placebo Psychiatry Correspondent DrKen Placebo   As  my mentor, Dr Stanley Unwin said: ooH!  Frabjous, frabjous Joy! Enfoldiwold manifestunfoldywoldy. Article published in Brexit Journal of Pigeon Pokers:  BJP Article Telegraph: … Continue reading

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Placebo-ECT: how electro-free electroshock can save us from global warming

If a Doctor can’t even detect that their electroshock machine isn’t working, yet insists the treatment “works” then can you trust them to care if the “treatment” does more harm than good? Continue reading

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The strange powers of placebo effect – TheProfessorFunk

“Placebo effect” is often dismissed as just a fake pill, yet most fancy expensive drug trials often struggle to show that medicines are better than placebo – even when half the unfavourable data is kept out of sight. In North … Continue reading

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