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get by – Talib Kweli

Just to get by, just to get by Just to get by, just to get by   Get By – Talib Kweli [Verse 1] We sell crack to our own out the back of our homes We smell the musk … Continue reading

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Bubblewrapped and drugged ?

Its a tough gig being a kid – hard enough learning to how  live in this bizarre and confusing world without parents that are so anxious they find it difficult to give you space to experiment, learn, fall down and … Continue reading

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voices: symptom of illness – or creative, ingenious survival strategy? Eleanor Longden

EleanorLongden’s talk has been heard over three million times and nominated as one of @0 online talks that could change your life.

Hear Eleanor Longden talk in person as part of the innovative international conference: Psychosis2.0 – Toronto – Fri 13th June 2014. Continue reading

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Brian Keenan – Music

Brian Keenan wrote an account of his own experience of being kidnapped and held in confinement  – “An Evil Cradling”. Here he is reading from chapter seven  “Music”, accompanied by animations by Kavaleer productions. The result is a brief but … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela

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A Scotsman and his Jacuzzi

Tis a hot ‘n. Aye Tis that. Tis even hot in Scotland -which is almost as rare as a Scotsman winning at Wimbledon.  Here’s a canny hot Tip for dealing with the heat – Edinburgh style. This health and lifestyle … Continue reading

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That’s Life – Frank Sinatra

I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, A poet, a pawn and a king. I’ve been up and down and over and out But I know one thing: Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick … Continue reading

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New Year’s Recognitions!

A first guest post by new contributor to recoverynetwork:Toronto,  Agnotarte on an  idea for how we can release oursleves from the annual tyranny of shoulding that is resolving to make a list of things we predict we’ll fail at this year … Continue reading

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World Hearing Voices Day – 14 Sep 2012

Today is World Hearing Voices Day 14th September 2012 The International Community for Hearing Voices today celebrates a growing awareness that voice hearing is part of the diversity of human experience and that people can hear voices and be healthy. … Continue reading

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Peel schools Stand Up for student mental health

School’s in today! here’s a fine short info film produced by Peel District Schoolboard… A simple reminder how easy it is to be left feeling alone, bewildered and strange, that we ar ethe only one who stuggles and that whatever is … Continue reading

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