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Chris Evans on learning to live with his “noisy brain”

Captain America offers a little peer support. Continue reading

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not being like everybody else is not the same as being sick…

“…if you are not like everybody else, then you are abnormal, if you are abnormal , then you are sick. These three categories, not being like everybody else, not being normal and being sick are in fact very different but … Continue reading

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living with extreme states and difficult experiences – Jan 2014

Do you live with…? voices? visions? dissociations? “delusions” difficult thoughts? other altered, “extreme” “unusual” states and exriences? all kinds of “crazy batshit stuff” others just don’t “get” or understand? Are you looking for… a safe place to explore different understandings, … Continue reading

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World Psychiatry – time to wake up, wise up and fess up

Barely  two-score years since the American Psychiatric Association, in a brief moment of rare insight into human nature,  came to its senses  and voted to de-classify homosexuality as a mental illness by  removing it from its big book of lies … Continue reading

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Sometimes… Jonny Benjamin

Sometimes I eat cereal for breakfast Sometimes I eat toast for breakfast sometimes I eat breakfast on the go Sometimes I get intrusive thoughts… I won’t act on them and you probably don’t even notice. Sometimes I like nothing more … Continue reading

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I’ve always been a creative person… Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga talking on The Graham Norton Show about how she harnesses her voices to inspire her creativity… Short Clip [45sec] Full episode [37min]

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DSM5 – mad, bad, or just plain daft ?

Only days to go in the countdown to the publication of the worlds most expensive doorstop DSM5. If you really do need a doorstop try your  local dollar store – mine has two for $1.29 and they work perfectly well. … Continue reading

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A disease called “childhood”

An opinion piece by Dr Allen Frances in New York Post pointing out how difficult it is to diagnose mental illness in teens, and all young people, and how the current practices lead to high levels of overdiagnosis, which in … Continue reading

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fuck “stigma”

easy print [pdf] version fuck stigma – understanding stigma

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recovery without medications

A brief clip by Daniel Mackler,  in interview with Dr Ross talking about a patient who was experiencing horrific voices . After being able to talk with Dr Ross and explore what the experience might mean, she was able to … Continue reading

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