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The brain is a social organ – Dan Siegel

Dr Daniel Siegel talking about how he started out as a scientist, trained as a clinician, became a teacher – always excited to learn as much as he could about the mind. … of how as a scientist he came … Continue reading

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I am learning how to feel alive – Agnotarte

I came out of my early childhood numb, emotionally and physically shutdown, functioning well in school and at other “stuff”,  but never with much of a sense of being alive, of wanting to be alive, of passionate connection with anybody … Continue reading

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Brain Power: from neurons to networks

Your brain is constantly changing, adapting to whatever happens around it. Everything you experience makes connections in your brain, reinforcing existing pathways or making new ones. Like a newly trodden path agross a grassy field those new neural pathways  become stronger when … Continue reading

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World Hearing Voices Day – 14 Sep 2012

Today is World Hearing Voices Day 14th September 2012 The International Community for Hearing Voices today celebrates a growing awareness that voice hearing is part of the diversity of human experience and that people can hear voices and be healthy. … Continue reading

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Sleep: brain rule #7

John Medina’s Brain Rules is one of my favourite books. Except tis not just a book but  a full-on audiovisual multimedia project that’s designed using the “rules” it seeks to share with you. 12 principles for thriving and surviving at work, … Continue reading

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The Woman who Changed Her Brain

Barbara Arrowsmith Young in Globe and Mail and on Global TV     Barbara Arrowsmith Young went from struggling to developing a whole sstem of learning and a growing binch of schools that use the system and her name. Her … Continue reading

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The brain that changes itself – interview

Interview with Allan Greg on TVO with Dr Norman Doidge about the book Gregg: “For a long time we believed thatthe human brain was fixed -hard wired. However scientists now realise that far from being fixwd, the brain has remarkable … Continue reading

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The Brain That Changes Itself – the movies

Many people I meet ask me for a list of books I recommend – anyone who knows me knows that the only thing I recommend is to not recommend anything… Some persist and say “ok can you suggest one book I … Continue reading

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Brain Lock – Jeffrey M. Schwartz

Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive behavior If you are one of the millions who live with obsessive-compulsive behaviours, are labelled with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and find it a pain in the ass? feel compelled to obsess about something or to repeat a similar task … Continue reading

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come laugh your head off!

Come Laugh Your Head Off! The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario Presents: LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY Comedy Showcase Featuring stand-up comedy performances by graduates of the first ever Young Adult Program! (ages 19 to 32) Writing comedy about experiences of the … Continue reading

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