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The wisdom of Cows

Some days it seems we could learn from others… From The School of Life, a few things we might learn from our bovine better angels… Some highlights…  It’s weird they exist at all You can’t tell what a cow is … Continue reading

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stranger than we can think – Heisenberg

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there’s a voice inside everyone – Bob Marley

this is to the people that have a voice inside of them that talk to them,
you know, that is the voice that people must listen to,
because in everything you gonna do there is a wrong way and a right way,
and if you listen good you will know the right way,
because there is a voice inside talking to everyone, seen?
Robert Nesta Marley
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what we observe…

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living with extreme states and difficult experiences – Jan 2014

Do you live with…? voices? visions? dissociations? “delusions” difficult thoughts? other altered, “extreme” “unusual” states and exriences? all kinds of “crazy batshit stuff” others just don’t “get” or understand? Are you looking for… a safe place to explore different understandings, … Continue reading

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The perils of categorical thinking

Dr Robert Sapolsky in the introductory lecture in his series – Introduction to Human Behavioural Biology. He spends the hour outlining and giving examples of the perils of categorical thinking. Most phenomena we might study exist on a continuum. To … Continue reading

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consciousness really digs everything – Jack Kerouac

The human experience can be wonderful, wacky, weird and downright frightening and overwhelming. Choosing a stance that we can learn how to live with whatever the universe might find toss way through,  takes endless small acts of courage – but … Continue reading

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choose your hallucination

the line between perceiving and hallucinating is not as crisp as we like to think.
V.S. Ramachandran Continue reading

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