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Mind, Mindfulness, Meditation and Bollocks

If you’ve been told “you should meditate” then you’ve been fed some right ol’ bollocks. If you’ve been told meditation is about quieting your mind, you’ve been fed a special kind of right ol’ bollocks. Anyone who tells you that … Continue reading

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Thank you [falettinme be mice elf again)…

Stiff all in the collar, fluffy in the face Chit chat chatter tryin’, stuffy in the place Thank you for the party but I could never stay Many things is on my mind, words in the way Lookin’ at the … Continue reading

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…sometimes it even turns out to have been a good choice

I believe we all have the same right to behave like a complete assh*le
sometimes it even turns out t0 have been a good choice. Continue reading

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in many ways voices are just like people…

In many ways voices are just like humans
sometimes we have important, insightful and worthwhile things to say, so you may want to listen…
but mostly we’re just full of crap.
Dave Umbongo Continue reading

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