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Hearing voices is more common (and less ‘crazy’) than we might think

A great piece from UK Metro News three years ago with some facts and figures about just how common it is for people to hear voices. And a  great graphic too. Hearing voices in our heads is more common (and less … Continue reading

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The Sanity of Insanity

Madness is not only understandable – its sometimes necessary Continue reading

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Toronto Mad Pride

Toronto Mad Pride Week 2016 Dates… Mon 11th July 2016 to Sun 17th July 2016 More about Mad Pride…  

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…sometimes it even turns out to have been a good choice

I believe we all have the same right to behave like a complete assh*le
sometimes it even turns out t0 have been a good choice. Continue reading

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Mad Pride Toronto |2015

Why get mad when you can BE MAD?
MadPrideTO 2015
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call us crazy

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Greg MacDougall who wrote this piece on peer and survivor organising in Southern Ontario. Greg’s article made the cover of Canadian publication  The Dominion for it’s May 2013 edition. Greg also … Continue reading

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Mars Project – at Mad Pride Toronto

Mars Project “A decade ago rapper Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart was diagnosed with a psychological disorder, but he has rejected the label and is pursuing a spiritual path. For half of his life, Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart has fought a spiritual war … Continue reading

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Now we’re all crazy – what’s next?

.. Poster – Easy print version  We encourage you to share, print and post the poster. here is a  pdf  [8.5″ x 11″]          now we’re all crazy-poster-8thJul2013 . . We invite you to help start a conversation… … Continue reading

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