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Dying By Prescription: Oxycontin controversy

  Global TV’s  Current affairs show 16×9 [Canada]  Published on Aug 22, 2012 Part 1 – Oxycotin was touted as a miracle, pain relief with few side effects and less addictive than morphine. Soon it was the most prescribed drug in … Continue reading

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Gabor Maté – The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power

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Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders

Article from Pediatrics – the official journal of the American Academy of Paediatricians on the link between harsh punishment of children and “mental disorders”. “…harsh physical punishment independent of child maltreatment is related to mental disorders” Adds more to the evidence … Continue reading

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mental illness …. or too much caffeine?

Article at  La Trobe University website on a report from a study looking into connections between caffeine consumption and “symptoms of schizophrenia” . so, it’s a “caffeine imbalance” ? Guess what? the more caffeine we consume the more likely we are to … Continue reading

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Jungle Prescription – encore

Here’s a welcome repeat showing by CBC of Jungle Medicine – the episode of The Nature Of Things With David Suzuki about Dr Gabor Mate and Ayahuasca. Thursday June 28th at 8pm Thursday July 5th at 8pm …set your recorders. or … Continue reading

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Dr Gabor Mate – Our Compulsive Society

Dr Gabor Mate interview with Steve Paiken on TVO’s The Agenda Steve Paiken asks… What’s the cause of adiction? ” In medicine it’s a mistake to try to attribe things to just one cause, but if there is one single, major, … Continue reading

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