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Vitamin B deficiency linked to troubled teens

Report from Western Australia on research showing link between insufficient vitamin B in diet and what researchers call “externalisation of problems “, which appears as agitation and aggression, “acting out” and results in them being called delinquent; and “internalisation of problems” … Continue reading

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Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders

Article from Pediatrics – the official journal of the American Academy of Paediatricians on the link between harsh punishment of children and “mental disorders”. “…harsh physical punishment independent of child maltreatment is related to mental disorders” Adds more to the evidence … Continue reading

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haunted by voices

Article today 23 Aug 2012 in The West Australian From Western Australia, a nice snippet on the Hearing Voices approach and how its working out in Australia. Lest you think that if a person hears voices then  they must be ill, then … Continue reading

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Why do we dream?

More on sleep and how we are beginning to understand what it’s about. This time dreams . From the BBC popular science show Horizon. There are many links with and references to mental wellness:  fear, anxiety, depression, trauma, talk therapy, creativity, problem solving, and the … Continue reading

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Cash for Anxiety and Depressive Disorders

Which do you think would offer you a better chance of recovery? a lifetime of free products from the pharmaceutical industry or $200,000 cash This report by the most assuredly excellent Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research may surprise you, or … Continue reading

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“bipolar” – or waking up?

Many people who have been diagnosed with mental illness find a spiritual dimension in the experience, especially when they have worked their way through and, looking backwards, can connect the dots between what they’ve learned and make some sense from the struggle. “I can’t … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry talks about his depression – and voices

This one’s for a friend having a tough time right now…. In this clip from the excellent BBC documentary “Secret Life of a Manic Depressive” Stephen Fry, in midst of a black cloud, talks about how he experiences depression – a wall … Continue reading

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Severe abuse in childhood may treble risk of schizophrenia

Article in the Grauniad about recent report demonstrating link between early childhood difficulties and adult diagnosis of scizophrenia. children who experience abuse are three times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia in adulthood those who experience sustained or repeated abuse are … Continue reading

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secret life of the manic depressive – Stephen Fry

An excellent two part BBC documentary with Stephen Fry: an exploration of what it means to live with mania and depression – manic depresion as he calls it, or “bipolar disorder” as the [M]admen would have us call it… Fry tells … Continue reading

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uppy-downy mood-swingy kind of guy – Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry at Talking about his live with ups and downs of living with mania and depression and how he sometmes stuggles but is also thankful. “It’s who I am – I’m an uppy downy mood swingy kind of … Continue reading

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