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you are not alone…

This post is, in part, a response to an excellent article in Asylum magazine in which Akiko Hart expresses some concerns about the nature of the discourse in “mental health”, and makes a call for less concern with being right … Continue reading

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psychosis is…

Psychosis is a situation in which I’m struggling so much that you notice and you want me to take drugs so you can feel better. from psychosis2.0

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five minutes…. Bonzo goes to Washington


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It’s weird, but…

It’s weird, but I guess we passed weird a long fucking time ago…
– Darlene Continue reading

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I’m An Asshole – Dennis Leary

I’m An Asshole – Dennis Leary Folks, I’d like to sing a song about the American Dream About me, about you, about the way our American hearts beat Down in the bottom of our chests, about the special feeling We … Continue reading

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Grenfell Tower – Ben Okri

It was like a burnt matchbox in the sky. It was black and long and burnt in the sky. You saw it through the flowering stump of trees. You saw it beyond the ochre spire of the church. You saw … Continue reading

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well now that is some f#cked up sh#t…


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Dogma of any kind…

Dogma of any kind messes up society – Neil de Grasse Tyson Continue reading

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Reposting  a piece by a good friend to recoverynetwork:toronto – one of the millions who shared their first experiences over the last few days. To men everywhere: It’s time to end this crap.   #NOTokay #notMYshame #endthiscrap   #notokay by … Continue reading

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we reduce ourselves to fiddling around…

When we reduce our understanding of human struggle
to a problem of brain chemicals
we reduce ourselves
to fiddling around with chemicals Continue reading

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