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I feel no shame about my mental breakdown: it helped make me who I am – David Harewood

This week’s World Mental Health Day saw the global mental illness industry work itself into lather: Twit-storming wave after wave of stats and scary numbers at us of just how many of us are diagnosed,  have yet to be diagnosed … Continue reading

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Open letter from a mother in recovery

The thing we call “Mental Health” system so often clamps its iron jaws around us – disabling not just the person given the diagnosis but also their entire family. The effect can be devastating, and it often takes a decade or … Continue reading

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Suck my left one – Bikini Kill

Suck. My.  Left.  One.     Suck My Left One Sister Sister, where did we go wrong? Tell me what the fuck we’re doing here Why are all the boys acting strange? We’ve got to show them we’re worse than … Continue reading

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Brian Keenan – Music

Brian Keenan wrote an account of his own experience of being kidnapped and held in confinement  – “An Evil Cradling”. Here he is reading from chapter seven  “Music”, accompanied by animations by Kavaleer productions. The result is a brief but … Continue reading

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An important question: What happened to you?

Eleanor Longden’s TED Talk has been seen by a couple of million people online. It has also been nominated by The Guardian newspaper as one of The Twenty Online Talks That Could Change Your Life. Eleanor will be joining us … Continue reading

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a whole chorus of someones…

Psychiatric patients always have someone (or a whole chorus of someones) telling them what they are supposed to do. -Elyn Saks a tale of mental illness from the inside  recoverynetwork:Toronto schizophrenia – sentence or diagnosis?  recoverynetwork:Toronto

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my way – Nina Hagen

Whatever “it” is, if anyone does, then Nina Hagen does “it” no other way but Her Way . . . . I know the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend, I’ll hope it’s clear I’ll state … Continue reading

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Not Anytime Soon – Linda Chamberlain

Linda Chamberain is one of those people you remember meeting, and someone you never forget. I first met her on a WRAP facilitator course. Now there’s a book so the world can get to know something of her story and her … Continue reading

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I am learning how to feel alive – Agnotarte

I came out of my early childhood numb, emotionally and physically shutdown, functioning well in school and at other “stuff”,  but never with much of a sense of being alive, of wanting to be alive, of passionate connection with anybody … Continue reading

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When survival is a symbol of success

 A piece from Toronto Star today about Earla Dunbar and Paul Rennie, their own fights to find recovery and a better life, the work they do together, their friendship and their home. “When you’ve had to fight for your life … Continue reading

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