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we reduce ourselves to fiddling around…

When we reduce our understanding of human struggle
to a problem of brain chemicals
we reduce ourselves
to fiddling around with chemicals Continue reading

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“Schizophrenia” does not exist

Jim Van Os and his big list of schitzo stereoptypes “Schizophrenia” does not exist. That some people struggle and suffer and become isolated by that is not in doubt, especially here. That they suffer because they have a “thing” and … Continue reading

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How new psychiatric diagnoses are established

Let’s just make some shit up. Continue reading

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I’m not smart enough to understand

If someone says something I don’t understand it doesn’t mean they are crazy
– it means I’m not smart enough to understand.
V.S. Ramachandran Continue reading

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I wonder: what do the voices say?

I don’t know about all “the voices” but here’s one word my voices say a lot. Continue reading

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66% of world leaders hear voices

We know that two of these three world leaders heard voices.
All we know about the third is that he never told us he did.
Would you? Continue reading

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Psychiatrists learn from the experts: their patients

One of the great myths of what often gets called “mental illness” is that people who have been diagnosed “lack insight”. The truth is that too many doctors lack the insight to ask – or the time to listen to … Continue reading

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Understanding Psychosis And Schizophrenia – BPS Report

“A fundamental message of this report is that that ‘psychotic’ experiences are understandable in the same ways as ‘normal’ experiences, and can be approached in the same way.”
Excellent report and resource, free publication by British Psychological Society- Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia.
Maps out a future for how we need to do differently – as individuals, a society and services.
Nice to know that someone is listening. Continue reading

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the genetics myth – from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

This is an extended [14min] clip from the excellent movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward by Peter Joseph . It includes interviews with people you’ll recognize here – Gabor Maté and Robert Sapolski – plus a couple of new ones Richard Wilkinson and … Continue reading

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World Psychiatry – time to wake up, wise up and fess up

Barely  two-score years since the American Psychiatric Association, in a brief moment of rare insight into human nature,  came to its senses  and voted to de-classify homosexuality as a mental illness by  removing it from its big book of lies … Continue reading

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