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Psychiatry’s Identity Crisis ?

Op-Ed piece in New York Times by Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist Richard A. Friedman on the limitations of his own profession’s claims to being the world’s foremost authority and body of knowledge  but yet limits its own understanding of the struggles … Continue reading

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If anything I’ve learned that it’s not a permanent condition, things do get better

“Psychiatry is a sham but I find myself using their language because that’s the common language. I think I’ll stop that. I think it’s the human condition. We get hungry, angry, lonely, tired, sad, scared, and overwhelmed and it colours … Continue reading

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‘They’re waking up’: Reducing drugs for dementia patients yields dramatic results

Sounds like a lot like a plot for a movie based on a true story based on an older  movie based on a true story. Maybe someone’s been watching “Awakenings” and getting ideas. Whilst care in Ontario care homes increasingly looks … Continue reading

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Visions, voices, spirits, ghosts, apparitions, manifests – or whatever you call them- they are real.

If you experience voices, visions, manifests, know this: they are real.
If you don’t, then know two things: they are real and you’re missing out. Continue reading

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Connecting To Madness – Jim van Os

Jim van Os is a psychiatrist who knows understands the devastating consequences of the widespread stereotype of schizo diagnoses. He has been actively researching into relations between environment and diagnoses, especially early adverse experiences and how they relate to becoming … Continue reading

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“schizophrenia” – an idea, not a thing

“Schizophrenia is a number of symptoms that have been put together to say that ‘this is an illness’.
And that’s an idea, not a thing.”
Dr Kwame McKenzie Continue reading

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drugging seniors in “long term care” – Ontario

Toronto Star again, this time shining a light on the prevalence of using potentially deadly drugs to restrain  seniors in care homes. “Ontario nursing homes are drugging helpless seniors at an alarming rate with powerful antipsychotic drugs, despite warnings that … Continue reading

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the psychiatrist’s office – Dr Bullock & The Muppets

What every psychiatrist’s office could use  a little more of… phe-no-me-nah! . . . . . boy,  you sure are  crazy! . . . . related posts… psychiatry – in recovery   manamana  

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Judge rules sufficient evidence that appellant’s “schizophrenia” caused by trauma

Important landmark ruling by a court in Aotearoa / NZ, dated 22nd Nov, 2013 and upholding an appeal against a lower court ruling in a claim for compensation. LS v Accident Compensation Corporation [2013] NZACC 385 (22 November 2013) Judge … Continue reading

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World Psychiatry – time to wake up, wise up and fess up

Barely  two-score years since the American Psychiatric Association, in a brief moment of rare insight into human nature,  came to its senses  and voted to de-classify homosexuality as a mental illness by  removing it from its big book of lies … Continue reading

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