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what do we mean by recovery?


Many people ask for a definition of recovery. Some academics tie themselves in knots trying to draft a definition of recovery that suits whatever purposes their grants demand of them, kinda missing the point.

 Recovery as we mean it defies definition:  one, definitive description agreed by everyone –  a one size fits all.

Recovery is personal and unique. Each of us is a unique experience of the world and of being human. To date there have been a total of about 150 billion human lives, each one different from every other. We each have our own understanding of recovery because we have our own unique human experience – and that’s a big part of “the” point of it. That’s not to say that there’s nothing in common but that for each of us there’s a different mix of factors and different approaches to getting to what is a human life.

So we don’t even attempt to offer a “definition” but aim to help share multiple perspectives and insights to go into a big pool of ideas.

And we don’t even have to agree on the ideas because there are no right and wrong answers for anyone – only what works, and we don’t know what works till we try. And what works for you may not work for me – and likewise.

If you have one of your own, or know of a good one and want to share it here then contact us.

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